We aim to empower people but we cannot achieve our goals alone.

Betsileo Development, a non-profit corporation established in 2008, connects Montana citizens with the Betsileo people of Madagascar in an effort to improve the living conditions of the Betsileo. Specifically, Betsileo Development focuses its efforts on providing clean drinking and irrigation water, as well as educational training on the use of the equipment.

After the completion of the project in Akazomby-Ambalavao in 2010, a new idea emerged, not just providing a drinking water, but with also providing electricity using various techniques such as the use of solar panel with water pump system.

The realization of this water project and electricity should bring much change in the daily lives of the villagers: health improvement, ability to improve irrigation, and there will be less use of labor power while having increased production.

Immeasurable thanks to the board members of the two organizations (Montana - Madagascar) for the determination, talent and hard work they have put into establishing this project. Additionally, Betsileo Development also takes great pride in empowering the villagers to meet their potential by including them in the construction process.

We are very grateful for 11 years of generosity from private donations and sales.

The Betsileo Development is continuing the great work of developing public and private relationship. To succeed we need continued investment from supporters like You.

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